As a photographer I am driven by my fascination for color, form, space and rhythm and the visual perception of it. My work is abstract and tends to leave the two dimensional confines a photographic print would impose, behind.

Within a more experimental process – somewhere in the field of tension of applying control and letting go - I aim to transform the reflection of the targeted subject into something, that did not exist before, something intangible.




2017 -  NEW Dutch Photography Talent 2018, Amsterdam

2017 - "REVEAL" at Fotoacademie, Amsterdam

2017 - "REVEAL", Graduation Exhibition, Amsterdam

2015 - Het Oog, Amsterdam

2013 - Fotoacdemie, Eindhoven




2017 - Chromatic Awards - 2x Honorable Mention in Abstract 

2017 - NEW Dutch Photography Talent 2018, GUP Magazine




Fotoacademie Amsterdam, Photography

University of Cologne, Germany - General Business Administration